# Components Overview

# Eclipse BaSyx (opens new window)

Eclipse BaSyx is a open source Industry 4.0 middleware that realizes all necessary standards and infrastructure components for Industry 4.0 production environments and provide the foundation for software platforms. The Eclipse BaSyx Platform provides ready-to-use components and extendable software development kits (SDK) for Java, C++ and C#. In the context of FabOS, the BaSyx SDK is used to implement the Asset Administration Shell.

# Service Lifecycle Management (opens new window)

The Service Lifecycle Management forms the backbone for providing and executing software services in FabOS. With the asset administration shell, an open standard is used to describe system resources and software services. At the same time, it enables distributed execution and the utilization of available system resources in FabOS. It thus supports the use of the production services developed in FabOS and their execution in a production environment.

# dswizard (opens new window)

The creation of sophisticated, high-perfoming data anlysis usually requires an intradisciplinary team of domain experts, programmers and data scientist. Automated machine learning (AutoML) aims to enable domain experts to build state-of-the-art data anlysis on their own. dswizard is an efficient solver for ML pipeline synthesis inspired by human behaviour. It automatically derives a pipeline structure, selects algorithms and performs hyperparameter optimization.

# XAutoML (opens new window)

XAutoML (for eXplainable AUTOmated Machine Learning) is an interactive visual analytics tool for explaining AutoML optimisation procedures and ML pipelines constructed by AutoML. It combines interactive visualizations with established techniques from explainable AI (XAI) to make the complete AutoML procedure transparent and explainable.