open, distributed, real-time capable and secure operating system for production

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FabOS is based on an open architecture with open interfaces. Components integrated in FabOS should be open source, but can also be represented with proprietary technology. But at least they have to be exchangeable by their compatible open interfaces.


Modern and future IT architectures, systems and infrastructure consist of modular components that are often distributed logically and spatially. FabOS primarily targets this open and flexible architecture, but also offers solutions to integrate existing systems and resources.

Real-Time Capable

FabOS integrates technologies that both improve the real time applicability of existing applications and enable and guarantee the hard real time capability and determinism of real time systems in a modern and flexible infrastructure.


FabOS provides appropriate safety mechanisms and precautions at all levels, which always correspond to the state of the art due to the modular character of FabOS and thus keep the statistical safety and the operational safety of the applications at the technically highest possible level.