# Documentation

This documentation is generated using the static site generator VuePress (opens new window) (Version 1) and is hosted via GitHub Pages.

# Writing documentation

# Prequsites

  • node.js
  • npm (or other package manager)

# Run & Write

Run the following command to clone the FabOS Docs (opens new window) repository and to install the necessary node.js dependencies:

git clone https://github.com/FabOS-AI/fabos-docs && cd fabos-docs && npm install

Run documentation:

npm run dev

It will start a webserver providing the local version of the documentation. When a file is changed or added, it should be automatically detected and the hosted documentation should be updated.

# Hints

  • Add new content in the docs directory or an appropriate sub-directory.
  • New items in the sidebar or plugins can be added in the file .vuepress/config.js.